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The bold new image of Hyundai Tucson 2010 Brunei

A fun car to drive, the all new and recently launched Hyundai Tucson’s athletic shape is now complemented with more agile handling, responsive steering and improved body roll control and these enhancements make it more fun to drive.

Summaries of Features and creation;-

Design and Image Creation.

(a)Designed at Hyundai’s European studio in Frankfurt, Germany and assembled in Korea;
(b)This Newest Version of compact CUV is based on the Hyundai ix-ONIC concept that has a fluidic sculpture styling sleek and sporty looking;
(c)Enlarged by 85mm fro the overall length, 20mm for the overall width and reduced by 20mm for overall height;
(d) Its exterior style is one of the strongest unique selling points with its outfitted chrome door handles that contribute to the luxury look;

2.0 Litre and increase horsepower
(a)With the Gasoline Theta II 2.0-Litre MPI 4-Cylinder or 2.4-litre MPI 4-Cylinder engine;
(b)it delivers an incredible horsepower of 166ps with a torque in excess of 20.1kgf.m and 179ps with a torque excess of 23.1kgf.m respectively.

5 stars rating in Euro NCAP (SAFETY) 5/5 stars
(a) The all-new Tucson also has a five-star rating in EURO NCAP for frontal and side impacts thus easing the minds of drivers;
(b) Body shell of the Tucson has been stiffened by extensive use of ultra-high tensile steel and noise and vibration levels said to be class leading while for the high spec version it comes with optional active front head restraints, helping protect front seat occupants in rear impact.

Electronic Stability Programme (ESP)
(a) Electronic Stability Programme (ESP) that achieves driving safety by actively controlling engine torque and braking as well as helping driver to maintain vehicle control under adverse conditions.

(a)Passengers alike when it comes to safety and what is proficient about it is that it has a dual front airbag helping driver and passenger in the frontal impact and it comes with an optional front side and curtain airbags to help protect driver and outboard passengers in side impact.

(a)Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) that helps driver maintain steering control during emergency braking.

Transmission improve fuel economy and shift pattern
(a)Running on a six-speed manual transmission that can shift pattern designed for ease of use, the overdrive of this transmission also improves fuel economy while the automatic version also has a six-speed automatic transmission providing smooth shifts and both these transmissions come with ISG (idle stop and go);

Timing Chain
(a) as well as a silent timing chain

Exceptional illumination and power image of the head lamps
(a)The all-new Tucson has a hexagonal grille that gives it a bold and powerful image with head lamps that give exceptional illumination with wrap-around design and it stays on for 30 seconds after turning off the engine and closing the doors and additionally there are also front and rear fog lamps that increase visibility in foggy condition.

Alloy Wheel that are lighter

(a)and is set with a 17-inch alloy wheels that are lighter as compared to steel wheels and there is an optional 18-inch alloy wheels for its high spec version;

Suspension systems for more precise wheel and stabilize help provide quick response.
(a) using MacPherson Strut front and multi Link rear suspension systems;
(b) Tucson’s 2010 all four wheels are controlled by coil springs and fade-resistant gas-charged dampers and at the same time stabiliser bar diameters have also increased;
(C) Front suspension of the new Tucson now has a new 25mm hollow stabiliser bar to save weight versus the predecessor’s 21mm solid stabiliser bar;
(d)The rear suspension has a new 18mm solid stabiliser bar versus predecessor’s 14mm stabiliser bar. Larger stabiliser bars keep the vehicle flat during cornering and help provide quick turn-in response.

Fantastically Interior features and exterior
(a) equipped with a roof rack that lets the carriage of cargo on the roof and a panorama sunroof, coming in optional for the high spec version,
(b)all this beauty comes with air conditioner that cools the cabin and reduces humidity.
(c)Also featured in its interior is the one-touch triple turn signal that flashes three times with single touch of the Turn Signal lever;
(d)a cruise control that reduces fatigue by maintaining set speed;
(e)a trip computer, which computes distance to empty, average fuel consumption, average speed and driving time.

Sound System

(a)standard audio system including radio and factory fitted single-disc CD and MP3 player, an AUX plus USB and iPod connection

Optional operate key ( Smart Key)
(a)The new Tucson also operates on a remote keyless entry that locks and unlocks doors using buttons on key fob and there is also an optional smart key with push-button start that locks and unlocks doors and the engine can start without the key.

Costs of the Tucson in Brunei
(a)In between the range of BND27,000.00 to 30,000.00 subjected to non optional items of features requested;

Additional accessories for Tucson In Brunei
(a)We provide and retail additional accessories to increase a much more strongest image for your Tucson at the range of 2100 to 3000 subjected to items provided.

Link: Hyundaichiewbrunei.blogspots/

Also called Hyundai ix35
Hyundai Tucson ix (South Korea)
Production 2009-present

2.0L Theta II I4 petrol
2.4L Theta II I4 petrol
2.0L R-Line CRDI I4 diesel
Transmission(s) 5-speed manual
6-speed manual
6-speed automatic
Wheelbase 2,640 mm (103.9 in)
Length 4,410 mm (173.6 in)
Width 1,820 mm (71.7 in)
Height 1,655 mm (65.2 in)
1,685 mm (66.3 in)
Hyundai Elantra
Hyundai i 30

Price In between the range of $27,000 to 30,000 Brunei Dollars

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